Dr. Rachel Campos-Duffy On Why Knowing How To Fix A Loose Button Is Important For Women In The Workplace

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Rachel Campos-Duffy on why knowing how to fix a loose button is important for women in the workforce.

Joy Steffens on why she thinks Gadsden Flag NFL protests are so “distracting” on a daily basis.

Jason Miller on which stories have gone viral in 2018 and how President Trump has used this to become the people’s champion.

Brad Marshall on CBS reporting the late Sen. John McCain traveled under $1,500 in cargo on a recent flight.

Hugh Hewitt speaks with former Florida Senator Bob Graham about which Republican candidates should give more attention to getting their records up on the web and why.

FOX’s Griff Jenkins takes you to a prison factory in Mississippi where 600 prisoners are working alongside black and white inmates.

Plus, Stacey Dash calls out President Trump for letting white supremacist groups bully him into silence and requests that Trump tell the nation what’s on his mind.

Right after the show, we’ll have a whole other segment on Stacey Dash talking White Nationalism and the success of President Trump.

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