Prosecutor Claims 400 Kids Freed From Ohio Custody

As many as 400 parents charged in Ohio have filed to be released from custody and will likely face a tough fight, said Richard Pilger, former United States attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

“Absolutely warranted,” Pilger said in a FOX & Friends interview Wednesday.

He noted that as soon as a warrant was issued for their arrest and as soon as their parents or guardians show up in the precinct, a judge will decide if they will be released.

“This is an unfortunate situation, I think it will be very difficult for the court to release all these kids,” Pilger said.

Prosecutor Pat Gbiniewicz says the parents arrested did not admit to their crimes.

“We’re not talking about drug felons. These are not guys that are a danger to society. This is families in Ohio with newborns and toddlers,” Gbiniewicz said.

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