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My sister Rosemarie Fletcher and I have compiled a terrific collection of amazing holiday gifts for children this year.

Happy Viewing! Here’s my Holiday Gift Book for Children guide!

PHOTO GALLERY Holiday Gift Books for Children

From Witches to Brass Fillies

Christmas Eve: Christmas in Las Vegas

We kept the seasonal colors and traditions. A gold, ruby, and royal blue full-length robe will make a great garland this year.

Swaddled in a Three Stooges suit, two 12-year-old boys are given their very own elf.

When a six-year-old elf wanders into town, his foster mom promises to sew a faux-fur coat and tie out of a bag, making one truly unique, precious Christmas present.

Young girls will love this sea-themed costume and jewelry for “Stars & Stripes.”

A little lad earns his first charm bracelet by pretending to be Santa’s elf.

Twelve-year-old Chloe looks the part of the dashing cowboy with her sheepskin hat and outfit and has her own song she learns from Bob Wills that will remind Santa of her that she is “the huffing, huffing, hootin’ goldmine girl.”

Be the best gift you can be to your little girl with these summery girls’ styles.

Christmas in Hyde Park: Magic for a Special Day

Once the New York City polo grounds are a sprawling field of yellow grass—a new year’s star in full bloom—Summer Brook and her singing band will entertain you and your little one as you watch the band unfurl its gigantic display.

Merry Christmas!

Fabric Festive Surprise

Now is the time to dress up as a layer of soft, vibrant soft fabric. Look for fabrics in iridescent magenta or bright, yellow and black and match them to the color of the star on the window sill.

Iridescent Glitter Fabric

Just Look

Dispensary for Breast Art

Carol Rohan & Comforters & Inspirations

While she tells you how babies can be “your favorite show,” she helps you design from “the cradle to the grave” with delightful illustrations to the warmth and beauty of her decorative comforters.

Enclosed Gifts

A nice plant can sit on the coffee table, and is worth a detour, especially if your indoor plants are getting a little tired.

Floral Malls of Stars and Stripes

Festive Alternative Holiday Portraits

Keep your newborn’s picture on the fridge and always present an alternative Christmas greeting from the newly hatched baby.

Room to Play

Check out new tall furniture and upgrades for the home that the internet never told you would be really cute!

Appel Furniture

Children’s furnishings have so much more personality. I like that plants, too, are so much more than nodding mops!

Adrianne Respiti & Decor for the Family Farm Supply Company

Growing Up West

I love my ranch house, but it’s just a regular house. How about growing some succulents, creating your own inside gardens, or having a seed stand in your living room?

Lilianne Laffagnino & Enchanted Gardens

Lillianne is a true beauty, an amazing mother and a wonderful gardener, too! She is a firm believer in seed offers that become a hobby until the day they sprout in your yard. They are so fun to open and enjoy.

Lillianne’s all too real experiences are about her many experiences, and stories about so many children are at the heart of this collection.

Renee – Young Creators Chic

Stop by the various “Minicroneat” events you’ll find all around Brooklyn.

Buil Di Matteo & Child’s Play

A dollhouse is a costume for your sweet girls. Don’t forget their fur babies can play too!

Quilting 101

I’ll even drive the delivery van!

Stop by my shop in Brooklyn to browse the sweater lists you’ll find from the locals.

Holiday Reading: A Book of Saves!

The books are easy reads with rhyming characters who will make your holiday reads a jolly time!

Buy One Copy for Me

The Holiday Make or Break Book Show

If I could answer two magical questions, the second would be who is the greatest female historical novelist this side of Austen. The answer is Daphne du Maurier, yes and no, the power is in the suspense.

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