John Schneider says Alec Baldwin is ‘ashamed’ after blaming ‘no good reason’ assault on ‘loud mimes’

John Schneider, who plays Charles Logan on the Netflix show My Name Is Earl, says he is disappointed in Alec Baldwin for saying he thinks the same violent assault that he blamed for knocking a man out is “sometimes inevitable,” in a recent interview with Variety. The actor took to Twitter to say that he felt “disgusted” by Baldwin’s “refusal to show any guilt.”

“I was in a bar parking lot that was turned into a brawl,” Schneider said. “A guy was down on the ground and a mob of mimes was pummeling this guy for no good reason. It was just a random beating. Alec Baldwin was there. He hasn’t shown any guilt.”

“He’s getting paid millions to work on that show and to be on television and to be on the political radar,” Schneider said. “So he’s getting paid millions of dollars for a show that repeats itself. And he can’t sit in a bar and have his DNA tested and show any guilt or at least blame it on someone else?”

Schneider said he was “disgusted” by Baldwin’s decision to blame the violence on “loud mimes on an unrelated issue.”

“I don’t know why he had the interview, but he ought to be ashamed of himself,” Schneider said. “It’s disgusting.”

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