Sandra Bullock’s wedding, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Leo, Chelsea’s £7bn sale: today’s gossip

Martha Stewart, who is dating her grocery store executive boyfriend, Dominick Cavallo, has finally confirmed the news that long-rumoured but never quite confirmed. And not even Clement Freud was able to elicit a more definitive statement from the démodé millionaire. “As far as I’m concerned, I’m not going to tell,” said Martha when asked by the Associated Press how she felt about the rumours. She also declared that she has “every intention of seeing Dominick for the rest of my life”. Although when asked about her plans to move in with him, Stewart said: “This is going to sound terribly old-fashioned, but all the little homes and apartments that we’re living in while he takes a break from his job will all be rented out to a charity.”

Jack Lew

Jack Lew is a savvy, two-time survivor in the White House. In short, he can navigate Washington with the best of them. Now he’s heading for Big Smoke: this week we learnt that Lew was due to join Citigroup after leaving the Obama administration – an institution that has been plagued by scandal. Two days later, Citigroup announced the grand closure of three of its proprietary trading divisions and the firing of 17 traders and traders. This will, they hope, reassure Wall Street that the bank is doing enough to avoid another 2008-style snafu.

Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott certainly knows how to make an entrance. At the age of 43 – the same age as Barack Obama – he broke the hearts of a whole generation of Boomers when he announced the plans to quit his beloved Hollywood comedy, Talladega Nights. That’s him in the booth, right there in the beginning of the film, while his friend, “Grunky Don” White, goes through a long train of logic teasers to convince him that he will do even better by running in the National Spelling Bee.


Cher is a motormouth of the highest order. She’s a triple threat: Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winner, and – at 69 – a contemporary icon of huge stature. It should be no surprise that after she broke off her engagement to famous Chinese billionaire, Jon Munguia Fuentes, she has started dating 62-year-old Dutch restaurateur, Asif Sultan. She may have said in a statement that the relationship is “now like travelling back in time”, but Sultan doesn’t seem to have thought much of it himself: he has yet to say that he disapproves of his new girlfriend’s now iconic Spice Girls tribute tattoos.

Sir Norman Foster

The Architecture Group of the Royal Institute of British Architects has announced that its 2014 architectural gold medal will be awarded to Sir Norman Foster. This isn’t the first Foster-in – there was a recent wedding to a design student, too. “Norman Foster has the rare gift of looking at materials with the eye of a curator and presenting them in such an eye-catching and user-friendly way. This provokes thought, discussion and can move us to take action on fundamental issues,” said the RIBA’s chairman, Duncan Wilson.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson has been embroiled in many controversies in his 50 years of TV. He was caught urinating in public, he parked his car on fire in Mumbai, he stomped the Cenotaph, and he was even slammed for his Nazi-looking haircut. He’s also had a relationship with a woman who is ten years his junior. Sadly for him, things took a turn for the worse in 2009 when he was caught “gloating” when his Top Gear co-host, Richard Hammond, crashed his car off the road in Switzerland. Clarkson felt he should not have been punished for this since it happened on a private property.

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