Why Mexico’s Omicron Washington is key to the US’s future

By definition, Omicron Washington will grow 16% faster than the US by 2050, adding 600,000 jobs and $1.8 trillion of productivity growth over the same period. Local businesses will need to retrain existing staff or expand in order to handle this increased workload.

Omicron’s geographic radius is 661.3 miles along the US-Mexican border.


Omicron Washington received $45.2m in federal funding, which is spread among 18 institutions along the border.

A further US$62.6m in Washington state grants supports Omicron research and development activities.

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is Omicron’s largest single funding partner with $2.3m in grants, awarded to the developer of technologies for controlling dust and pollutants from exhaust pipes.


Omicron Washington has attracted $1.1bn of private investment, providing over 2,000 jobs, and it is home to cutting-edge technology and innovations that will expand the region’s high-tech economy.

Seattle-based semiconductor manufacturer Applied Materials contributes $1.5bn of its $22bn value to exports in the aerospace, high-tech and medical sectors.


Omicron Washington will potentially double San Diego’s manufacturing employment, bringing thousands of jobs.

The US Department of Energy is doing an energy assessment that may determine Omicron’s source of power by 2020, allowing Omicron Washington to run completely off of renewable energy by 2035.


Obama signed the border security bill and Omicron legislation into law, fulfilling a campaign promise for Mexico.

Mexico is set to receive $6.4bn in work visas and other federal funding in 2019, up from $1.8bn in 2014.

The new law may lead to 2.6 million Mexican immigrants returning to Mexico by 2038, according to projections from HSBC’s research arm, Lazard.

Mexico will receive $1.7bn in special economic zone funding, bringing the total amount spent on BLEZ that year to $28bn.

Total funding for Omicron through 2038 is expected to total $388bn.


Omicron Washington is one of only five border cities in the world chosen to host the 50th US presidents Club tournament, which is at a Pima County Challenge Forest Preserve event near Guadalupe.

US President Obama will visit Omicron soon.

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