9 Great Homes for Under $500,000 That I Saw in Hamilton, OH

For the last few weeks, I’ve been spending a couple of hours a day combing classified ad sections of real estate websites, looking for a home in my price range in NYC.

Unlike other dream homes I’ve seen on the open market, it’s not about location. More often than not, I find listings with overpriced apartments, it’s more about choosing the right size of home or length of lease. (I suspect I’m probably not the only person doing this…)

This is what I found a couple of weeks ago in Hamilton, OH: an apartment building listed for under $350,000, a loft penthouse under $500,000 and a single-family semi-detached three-bedroom, one-bathroom home a few hundred dollars more.

Lots of people I’ve seen recently seem to be buying in Hamilton, with some condos being priced at almost $1 million. A main reason I think it’s so affordable is it’s a nice, small city that feels like a city with a “bohemian hipster” vibe, but with a small focus on horse-racing, where there’s even a dog track in town.

If you live in a large city and like a sense of history and community, Hamilton is a great place to live.

My current goal is to find a place to move to that feels close enough to work for my job, but not too close to the city, so I can still be in the city for weekend events.

Check out the full list of homes:

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