The most widely used emojis by state

Written by By Tasia West, CNN

You can never get enough of emojis. The joke is only starting to get old.

New research from Emojipedia , an emoji encyclopedia , has revealed that most of the most popular emojis introduced in 2017 were only available for use by a limited number of users for less than three weeks.

“We believe that emoji usage is set to dramatically grow in the next three years as the new emojis move into a wider distribution phase, and other new emojis like cannabis start to come out,” Emojipedia’s chief technology officer Katherine van der Linden said in a statement.

Of course, the tech website wasn’t able to look at every emoji that launched in 2017, but it did look at all new emojis whose ranks were unchanged in 2018. The top 11 most commonly used emojis in 2018 were:


Emoji for a pig (centrifugal force)

Emoji for the human middle finger (romantic gesture)

Emoji for a pig (ecstatic and happy feeling)

Emoji for breasts (wet)

Emoji for a hammer (do you want to get hit with a hammer?)

Emoji for coffee (dairy beverage)

Emoji for falafel (Middle Eastern food)

Emoji for pork (sliced meat)

Emoji for face (negative expression)

Emoji for thumbs up (interaction)

Emoji for hamburger (for a meal)

Emoji for shotgun (reaction)

Emoji for balloons (food)

Emoji for a whale (water)

Emoji for a clown (host)

Emoji for the Eiffel Tower (French symbol)

Emoji for snow (winter)

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Now that Emojipedia has conducted its study, let’s look at what emoji you probably use the most.

On the emoji leaderboard, dog was the most widely used emoji in 2017. It was also the top emoji for 2018, with roughly eight in 10 respondents saying they used the dog emoji.

According to the Emojipedia’s research, most people prefer to use the dog, the unicorn and the frog as a sign of happiness. The emoji’s other top uses included a face that looks similar to yourself, face that looks similar to the face of a deity, face with tears of joy and face with tears of anger.

As for the unicorn, the emojis were created in anticipation of Pokemon Go ‘s August 2016 release and it became a hit among customers.

They say opposites attract, and the iPad? Check out this 1980s version of the iconic device in this gallery.

The map below reveals which of the emojis are most frequently used in each state.

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