Capsule Paradise: Indonesia’s Mount Agung eruption

In Pictures: Mount Agung, Indonesia

Indonesia’s Mount Agung has erupted seven times in 24 hours, briefly releasing ash, lava and debris that has rained down on the area, hampering rescue efforts. The volcano hasn’t erupted since last September but had been increasing its output of ash. The danger had prompted a temporary closure of nearby villages.

The BBC’s Joshua Roberts in Karangasem, the nearest city, says many evacuees are staying with relatives.

He says it is a case of waiting and seeing.

Parts of the mountain were about to erupt when the evacuation order was announced. The latest eruption has injured 18 people.

There have been more than 1,000 flights cancelled in and out of the Bali airport. Divers have also been searching for 200 more people thought to be trapped at the foot of Mount Agung.

The BBC’s Pelita Katana in Bali says Friday’s fire has significantly reduced the scenic view of the area.

Citizens evacuated to temporary shelters in surrounding areas, he adds.

Bali authorities have imposed a 10km (6 mile) ring of sand around the volcano, to prevent debris from splashing down over the area.

Ash covers the surrounding trees. Photo: Paul LaFontaine/Getty Images

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