Bret Baier: China wants to impose ‘state capitalism’ in its economy, says U.S. ‘too rich’

After hours of talk, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang finally answered a question from Fox News’ Bret Baier about the growing tension between China and U.S. over a series of trade and security issues.

Baier asked why the Chinese economy is still growing while the U.S. economy has slowed to a mere 0.7 percent, despite America’s competitive advantage with a brand name, standard of living and technologically advanced products.

The question suggested that it is China’s unequal economic advantages that have made it so stronger than America — not the lack of competitiveness.

Xi insists the U.S. remains the world’s greatest power.

“They are the strongest in the world,” Xi told Fox News. “The United States are among the world’s strongest countries.”

It’s just not true, China and its communist party has a new strategy to achieve that goal.

It argues that the Founding Father of the American democracy, Alexander Hamilton, needed just “help” from the people to become the New York U.S. Attorney General.

“Chinese people and China have more factors to give support to the government,” said Chinese Communist Party Chief Li Keqiang, “Chinese democracy needs ‘help’ from people in this country.”

Li stressed, “Chinese people and Chinese government is getting more cooperative, transparent, advanced, and more successful.”

Li’s party continues to lay blame on the rich for nearly 30 million China still jobless. He would like to see 100 million of the wealthy pay for it, even those who work in the new technology that he wants to sustain growth – like clean energy.

Li dismissed America’s and their free market and capitalist system, claiming it leads to high death rates in this country.

Beijing, China has tracked the death rate and with it soaring health care costs, new industries and technology.

“It may be good when you have a democratic system,” Li said. “But a democratic system that creates too much freedom cannot work, and we have huge impact that it cannot work.”

“China needs a modern market economy,” Li noted. “In principle, we should have market economy.”

To really advance this vision, China is becoming more authoritarian as a way to improve regulation in their markets. Li said he wanted to take small steps toward this authoritarian model.

Li is pushing Beijing’s goal of reaching $10 trillion in economic output by 2020. His goal is reaching that would by far give China its strongest economic power ever, making it closer in rank to the U.S.

“Ultimately, for Chinese people, it will be in their best interest and in the best interest of a lot of other countries to have a more competitive, transparent, advanced, and more successful China,” Li said.

Fox News’ Bret Baier says that it’s hard for him to believe Chinese people would support Beijing’s goal of state capitalism, or the communist party’s growth without competing for the hard work and innovation.

“They have slowed,” Baier said. “The U.S. is much stronger. But if Chinese people support this Chinese Communist Party’s model of bringing in a state controlled capitalism, they will lower their standards in a way that Americans in the past always had higher ones.”

Baier pointed out, “I like the beach house. It just makes me want to get on the beach. But for you people living in a Third World country in China, why does it matter?”

Li responded, “China will provide better space and opportunity for everyone in China and abroad, and I believe most people want to lead a better life. But the government should provide benefits to citizens, and the people should offer incentives to the government.”

Fox News’ Bret Baier is live at the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission’s public hearing with Special Guest from the U.S. State Department, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Tom Shannon. Tune in to “Special Report” tonight at 6:00pm ET or midnight ET!

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