Trans Woman to Compete in ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament for $1 Million

If you’ve always wanted to watch Amy Schneider compete for the top prize on “Jeopardy!” that time is now.

The former Miss Montana USA in 2003 in 2007 announced her plan to compete in the tournament hosted by Alex Trebek. The winner is awarded $1 million for the show’s charities.

“Throughout our relationship, Alex has worked with me on many projects,” the announcer says of her mission. “He’s a very public advocate for trans rights, he has been an influence in my life, encouraging me to continue my quest to see transgender people at equal employment and equal living standards.

“On “Jeopardy!,” as a trans woman, you can compete and win on equal footing with the other players.”

Schneider has had a serious love affair with the game show, answering trivia questions with brash enthusiasm during her early years on “Jeopardy!” “Jeopardy!” for the win! Just before 10 a.m. ET Sunday, the contestant’s name was announced.

Schneider’s reaction couldn’t have been better, screaming “Aww!” to Trebek. After his reveal, she was named the contestant and opened up on her dream of being on the show as a child.

“My whole family watched it, I had some friends watch it, so it was a highlight in a lot of ways growing up,” she said.

While Schneider has never revealed her gender identity to the public before, friends say it’s part of who she is and that she is open and kind.

“She is one of the most respectful and thoughtful people, incredibly intelligent and genuine, and very hard working,” Kevin Hulett, a friend and fundraiser told People. “We’ve raised a lot of money together. She is a huge commitment to charity work.”

The contestant will be a welcome addition to the show, Alec Brink, professor of psychology at Johns Hopkins told “Fox & Friends.”

“She has a lot of people talking about her among her close friends, family members and even some people who watched her previous appearances on “Jeopardy!” told Brink. “That’s a real spark with a great deal of national interest and people cheering her on and knowing what kind of person she is.”

Schneider will compete in the Tournament of Champions that began Tuesday. She will be up against contestant Jonathan Passey, who is also from Montana, and another contestant, also from Montana, who goes by the name Nathaniel Lee.

Reportedly, Schneider was cut from the show back in 2013, and returned to “Jeopardy!” in 2015.


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