Should I ship my shopping returns to Amazon?

All I wanted to do with my first paycheck was blow it on a new box from free shipping (here, here, here). But I have a lifetime of free shipping on everything else I buy from Amazon, so only orders counted toward that goal. Anyway, I’m feeling a little trapped. Should I send those boxes back in the mail? Should I continue to rely on Amazon? Should I just find another way to find my air conditioner?

Technically, yes, you’re in no danger of returning these boxes. It depends on what kind of shipping they are. You send more packages to this one location than anyone else, and Amazon is obviously bound to act fairly strict with where those packages go. If you send a package back in the mail, for example, it will be marked as “return-to-sender.” But on the other hand, you don’t know if any of the boxes are full or not. If they’re received by Amazon, they’re considered unused. Still, it’s better to have an actual receipt than a wordless “here, my package is here at your Amazon office” note. (That’s also why it’s rude to ship something you haven’t even received.) So send everything back and start over! You’ll get a higher priority, and Amazon will provide it. Or try doing your shopping from a different retailer like Target, Walmart, or even a local appliance store. They usually offer free or nearly free shipping on appliances and electronics.

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