Comedian Bill Burr slams companies in online debate

Comedian Bill Burr has hit out at companies which he feels are guilty of hypocrisy, believing that he has the right to say whatever he wants on their platforms regardless of political viewpoint.

“#cancelculture: I also have the right to say whatever I want even if it’s against my company,” he tweeted on Monday, in response to a political debate between comedian John Oliver and Instagram, Twitter, and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Burr had tweeted earlier that his company, Punchdrunk Theater, will not let Blackface and Hitler on stage if a political discussion is taking place.

“My company, punchdrunk Theater, will not put a black face on stage with a Hitler joke at a political discussion if such things are going on,” Burr tweeted on Sunday.

NewsCorp has faced criticism from some who feel that they didn’t delete postings after accusing individuals of racism.

One tweet on the account @SteveMartinToGo posted a video which showed comedian Steve Martin swearing at a black teacher and then further tweeting a video in which he filmed racist attacks from a group of African Americans and laughed at them. Martin wrote an apology on Twitter, and deleted his offending tweets.

Burr himself is no stranger to controversy. He has worked for Comedy Central, where he hosted Comedy Central’s “Review” and “Better Off Ted.” In 2010, he starred in the dark comedy movie “Hell on Wheels,” and was behind two recurring roles on the critically acclaimed Netflix series “Arrested Development.”

He has had a big year on the headlines, however, as he has become a frequent contributor to conservative outlets like Breitbart, and has continued his controversial comments since Trump’s election victory. He has been even more outspoken since the Milo Yiannopoulos scandal involving a sexual encounter with a 15-year-old boy.

While Burr may have faith in his claims of free speech, a vocal portion of Twitter’s user base has been calling for the axing of his show “Frankenchrist,” which features him going after Hillary Clinton supporters.

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