This Chilean company keeps offices running despite cold weather

Written by Víctor Murillo, CNN

During the winter months in Santiago, Chile, it’s common to find even the city’s busiest roads clad in snow and ice.

But as a planner and architect, Jan Muñoz likes to keep things light and airy, so he’s always on the lookout for a way to keep the cold at bay.

When the threat of snow falls, he and a team of IT experts compile a map, sketched with markers on one of the company’s computers. It maps the company’s regions and share the details with operations teams, as well as showing workers where to pick up lunch supplies or head to a nearby park to warm up.

“We invest in reliability and communication,” he says. “There are lots of places to go when the temperature drops.”

While graphics analysts keep track of the weather data, office workers simply stockpile supplies, wearing the skeleton clothes they know they need on their bodies. They listen to Muñoz’s instructions and deliver even more workers on time.

This energy on the spot is vital for Muñoz. As he explains, “People need to depend on each other, even when it’s cold.”

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