David Parsons and James Holmes: Why the Lack of Vigilance?

(One of the leads suggested by anonymous sources, corroborated by the Saginaw Police Chief, of the shootings in Saginaw is that the suspect was suicidal, has at least one gun in his possession, is crazy. This reportedly comes from a radicalized party host who was kicked out of a house party.)

Parsons also has a reputation for going off on sometimes extreme rants, which was possibly a factor in Mr. Holt’s interest in “threat training” outside of his job as a police officer and his desire to attend a convention of anti-gun violence activists.

In Mr. Holmes, who appears to be the more emotionally charged of the two men, sources are putting much stock in a comment the suspect made on the event poster shown in a private exchange with a former co-worker last year, in which he says “Logan of the Matrix dies b***h, then you will too”. Holmes is also from the “Matrix” films.


Hardly a “joke”.

Earlier in the evening, a nearby housekeeper said “thats like murder. he left a message that said he was going to shoot all of us. the police have just been there all night. after he leaves, they will find him. they will kill him. its a matter of time, he will jump the bridge of death”.

Hours after the outburst, Holmes reportedly killed himself with one of the four guns that he apparently kept close at hand.

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